We started telling stories through Photos + Videos.

Then we got into making stories with Advertising Agencies for brands.

That took us to the thought of how you’d tell the story of a story,

so we created Documentaries. Then, we’d always loved Movies.


Soon, we started thinking, why don’t we just make the whole story?

Because good cinema can change your life.

So now we are.


Ramblin' Racer

Documentry-Motorsports | 1h 27min.  

DIRECTOR+PRODUCER: Neil McGregor   CAST: Tim Boyle, Phil Robinson, Lynda Boyle

Two underdogs take on the motorsports world quickly find the road to glory has many unexpected twists and turns.

Glass Engine Entertainment
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Entertainment Services

As as an established film production company in Brisbane, Glass Engine offers an extensive selection of film services to clients across multiple industries and sectors, including:

Original IP

Glass Engine Entertainment has an extensive slate of original IP, including feature length films, documentaries, television series and so much more.



Glass Engine offers end-to-end film development solutions. We create in-house projects from concept through to script development, financing, production and distribution. 


Production Services

We’re experienced with tax incentives and have an extensive location database. For offshore productions, we can provide production facilitation in Australia.


Production + Post Production

Our Glass Engine is an end-to-end film production company in Brisbane offering a full suite of production and post production services and solutions.


Film Infrastructure Consultancy

Our Glass Engine team can lead stakeholder conversations and has provided consultancy advice on studio builds, set builds and other screen industry builds.


Film Distribution

With an extensive network and connections of distribution in theatrical, broadcast and streaming, our film distribution company, Glass Engine Entertainment, can help secure distribution deals in the marketplace.


To speak with Glass Engine about the requirements of your project, please contact us.