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Our People

GlassEngine is focused on fostering creativity and pushing creative boundaries and through commitment to creative diversity and inclusion at our core, we are leading the charge in creating groundbreaking and boundary-pushing content that brings stories to life.

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Neil McGregor

Post Production Supervisor - Navaz Illava - Glass Engine

Navaz Illava


Gene Corser

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Jordan Jeynes



our GLASS ENGINE principles

Glass Engine was founded on three core principles: People, Purpose, and Planet.


These principles are essential in creating meaningful stories and at the heart of everything we do create compelling content

while making a positive impact on our world.


We celebrate diversity and inclusion in every aspect of our workflow, from the creators to the projects we take on and the people and clients we work with. 


We are dedicated to telling stories that have a purpose and strive to capture authenticity. Storytelling is a powerful tool for creating meaningful connections and inspiring positive change. We are committed to creating content that is both entertaining and purposeful, with the goal of connecting people and messaging in meaningful ways.


We are dedicated to reducing our environmental footprint and helping to preserve the planet. We are proud to be one of the few production companies today that are committed to producing content in an eco-friendly way which is front of mind in all elements of our process including creativity, and efficiency.


79 McLachlan Street

Fortitude Valley, Brisbane Queensland. Australia 4006 


+61 499 200 186


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